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Randall Adam, MP

“Elite is more than my employer … they are my family. They have provided me opportunities to grow my career and be happy doing what I love. Having the ability to start your own business and truly make it your own amazes me to this day. Elite shares my passion for relationships with customers that go far beyond just work. When you can wake up every morning excited about the day ahead of you, you know you’re in the right spot!”

Loveland, CO

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Gustavo Portillo, MP

“I love working at Elite because it gives me the opportunity to build relationships with people. Being in a position where I can apply my experience and industry knowledge to be of service and make a difference makes me strive to be better than yesterday.”

Tucson, AZ

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Bill Grier, MP

“I’m very excited to be back with the Elite team. Elite Roofing supply offers a great culture and the desire to truly service their customers. I’m looking forward to leading a great team at the Gilbert branch.”

Gilbert, AZ

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Greg Lilienthal, MP

“Everyone I’ve talked to or met within Elite has been down-to-earth and easy to talk to. At Elite, the business itself circles back to the branch level to focus on customer needs and expectations. I’m very excited to get back to my customers here in Pueblo as the new branch takes off!”

Pueblo, CO

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Doug Norman, RVP/MP

“One of the main reasons I joined Elite was because they truly care about their people and their people actually have a voice in the day-to-day decisions of the business operations. Another reason is the fact that Elite works to ensure that their customers know and understand how important they are to us as a company – customer service is #1! Elite has always impressed me with its strong focus on building a team across all stores along with the internal team at the local level, a true team effort. I could go on all day with all of the positive things that Elite offers to the customer and its people; there are so many more great things about this company. Proud to be a part.”

Baton Rouge
Bossier City
North Houston
San Antonio
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Alfred Montenegro, MP

“My decision to join Elite Roofing Supply was the opportunity that was presented from day one on running “my own business” and the support that we receive along with building the partnership that we have with our vendors.”

El Paso, TX

We are looking for the roofing industry's trend setters, those who don't do status quo. We want people who think differently and want to be part of a lightning speed growth trajectory.

If you are an industry high performer, you can help us grow by being part of the Elite family. If this sounds like you, send us a note. We operate with discretion and keep all inquiries completely confidential.

Sarah Weiss - Executive Vice President (Legacy Elite)
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