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Why am I receiving a Pre-lien notice?


Why am I receiving a Pre-lien notice?


You received a Preliminary Notice by certified mail and it is a very official, intimidating looking document. A Preliminary Notice is not a lien. It is actually a document designed by the State of California to protect you from having a lien filed on your property.

We have put together this summary of the Preliminary Notice process and a list of questions to assist you with a basic understanding of the California Lien laws and how they affect you when you hire someone to improve your property. We encourage you to visit and review the Homeowners Guide to Preventing Mechanics Liens for detailed information.

Why am I getting this notice?

This notice is sent to all of the property owners we provide materials for as a normal course of business.

What does this notice mean?

It means you that we have supplied materials for the work on your property. When you decide to hire a contractor to make improvements to your property, it is common practice for them to hire subcontractors, purchase materials or rent equipment in order to complete the job. Since you are the party that benefits from the improvements to your property, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that everyone that provided goods and services to your project are paid. If/when workers or suppliers are not paid, they can file what is referred to as a “Mechanics Lien” on your property for the value of the unpaid goods or services.

Does getting a Preliminary Notice mean there is a problem with my Contractor?

Absolutely not. A preliminary notice has nothing to do with the integrity or workmanship of your contractor. It simply is a notice to the property owners that we have provided materials to your project and it preserves our legal rights in the event that we are not paid for any reason. We send all property owners this notice to keep you informed.

How can I be sure everyone is paid?

We suggest requesting a contractor release showing that everyone has been paid.

I already paid my contractor, now what?

First, ask your contractor to provide you with a copy of the release. Many times, our contractors have accounts with us and it could be that they just have not paid because the bill was not due yet, or maybe the notice crossed in the mail with the payment. We cannot divulge any payment information on our customers’ accounts so you must begin with your contractor. It is never too late to request that your contractor provide you with a release.

What if my contractor does not pay you?

Excellent question. You are ultimately responsible for making sure Elite Roofing Supply is paid. However, if you hired a licensed contractor and checked their references, you likely don’t have anything to be concerned about. You always have rights with California Registrar of Contractors to file a complaint or request payment from their license bond.

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