ERS Featured in Roofing Contractor Magazine

Elite Roofing Supply and our two new locations in Phoenix, AZ and Pitsburg, CA were featured in a recent article in Roofing Contractor magazine. The full article is below, you can also read the article on their website.

Originally published in Roofing Contractor magazine.

Elite Roofing Supply Now Supplying Pittsburg & Phoenix Markets

In 2013, Elite Roofing Supply opened their first two facilities, located in San Jose, Calif. and Orange, Calif. Now the distributorship boasts five locations in addition to their corporate headquarters in Glendale, Ariz.

Elite Roofing Supply Phoenix Team

Founded during a time when roofing distributors across the nation were undergoing consolidation which led to four national distributors, the founders of Elite Roofing Supply saw the need for independent distributors. Founding partners Brian Torry, Greg Russell, Scott DeLine, and Sarah Weiss, decided to go against the trend. They felt customers would appreciate a distributor where the managers of every location are owners and therefore understand what it’s like to run a business. They were passionate that the person running a store should benefit from the stores success.

Torry, DeLine and Russell had been given a similar opportunity earlier in their careers and it was life altering for themselves and their families. Torry, CEO, explained, “In 1995, I was presented the opportunity to open a new store and have stock ownership and it was a life changing opportunity for myself and my family. Eventually that company sold to a private equity company and sold again to a national competitor. When confronted with what to do with the next phase of my life, I decided I wanted to help other hardworking people achieve their own American Dream.”

As business owners, the partners understand that time is money on a job site which is why they’ve hired a team of professionals with industry experience who have the product and operational knowledge needed to provide first class service to the roofing community. “People join our team because it is fun to work at Elite and they feel appreciated. Too often in bigger companies employees become a number on a spreadsheet. At Elite, every team member matters. Their families become an extension of our family. Customers feel that difference when talking to our delivery team, the person working the counter, or their salesperson. “ said Russell.

Elite Roofing Supply Pittsburg Team

What is next for Elite?  The group’s goals, according to Torry, are to “Build a healthy, entrepreneurial small business, with conservative and steady growth into new markets.” As we identify the right business partners, we will open more stores. At Elite it’s all about the people.

“We are passionate about building a sustainable business by listening to our customers and meeting their needs. It’s as simple as that. We all have families and know what it’s like to run a business and have employees whose livelihoods depend on your success. We understand the pressure our customers are under and want to make buying materials from us one of the easiest things they do,” Weiss said in reference to the partners shared vision.

DeLine described Elite’s involvement in the roofing community: “Competition is healthy and at Elite we are good stewards within the community. We are actively involved in our local roofing association and feel the industry is best served when all parties involved are profitable and thriving.”

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